Gender Access to Lowland Resources in Mali

General Objective:
The general objective is the capitalization of experiences in terms of gender access to lowland resources, in the Sikasso region in general and in the villages of Basso and Sabénébougou in particular.
Specifically, the working group focused on:

  • itemizing and analyzing all existing experiences on the subject in the region;
  • identifying genders and their ways to access lowland resources;
  • highlighting the resource ‘water’ and treat it taking into account the difficulties of gender access to lowland resources.

Key Research Elements:
In order to successfully carry out this capitalization, the group has examined following key elements:

  • inland valley resource management and usage regulations;
  • cultural forms of water resource management;
  • conflict management in relation to water infrastructures;
  • interactions between Inland valleys and increases in women’s income.

Related lessons learnt