Multipurpose Management of Inland Valleys

General Objective:
The objective of this working group was to capitalize on multipurpose lowland management experiences, in the Sikasso region in general and in the villages of Zéguesso and Dioumatènè in particular. Special attention was given to social, economic, political and environmental aspects.
Specifically, the group aimed at:

  • analyzing inland valley management approaches in the region of Sikasso;
  • identifying the (social and economical) stakes for lowland regulation;
  • designing a multipurpose approach for inland valley regulation, after analyzing existing approaches and their stakes;
  • assessing social, economic and environmental impacts for the beneficiaries.

Key Research Elements:

  • analysis of the evolution of policies and strategies in lowland regulation for water management in Mali;
  • identification and analysis of the socio-economic development impacts on the populations that get access to the regulated inland valleys;
  • identification of the approaches and tools employed in the regulation of lowlands.

Related lessons learnt