Water, Land and People: Voices and insights from three continents
A learning initiative implemented in Bolivia, Mali and India

This initiative promoted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) aims at sharing and deepening the knowledge base of SDC and partners in order to improve the development strategies and policies with regard to Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) with emphasis on the aspect Water for Food.

During 2005-2006 learning groups in Bolivia, India and Mali identified and analyzed specific topics related to water management based on the experience of its members applying innovative learning approaches like story telling.

The forward-looking learning process resulted in products that can be used as a resource base at different levels:

  • Local: Local actors (farmer and water user associations, NGO’s, local governments) will have access to know-how and methods of direct value to improve the planning and decision-making for their activities related to water management.
  • Institutional and national level: SDC and partner institutions will gain new insights for an effective and strategic involvement in “future generation projects”, targeted at improving IWRM
  • Policy: Key lessons learnt will enable participating partners to strengthen their policy dialogue and advocacy role.
  • Wider public: Increased public awareness for key issues and challenges in water management (e.g. products used as communication tools in schools, training institutes, water fairs, etc.).


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